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About our company

For over 1964, Nationale Des Papeteries (NDP) has put its know-how and expertise at your disposal in the transformation of pure pulp, recycled or technical papers. Our added value lies in tailor-made processing. We offer a wide range of grammages (25 to 350g), outer coil diameter (60 to 1000mm) and width (9 to 1600mm and more) in the form of rolls, bobbins, wafers and formats. Our products are of high quality, and available at competitive prices. By choosing to work with Nationale des papeteries, you get the products you need, when you need them. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing products for your business. We will be happy to advise you on the items that best meet your needs and requirements.

Key figures

Park machine


  • 3,000m² of workshop and storage,

  • Transformation of +8,500 tonnes of paper / year,

  • Over 5.5 million CA,

  • 21 employees,

  • 1 production site located in Lyon.



We provide you with a specialized, flexible and versatile machine park to meet all your requests. Our production capacity offers you many possibilities in terms of paper dimensions and weights but also in form (formats, rolls, rolls and wafers).

- 1 cutting workshop

  • 2 cutters (format): 28 to 350 grm². Maximum width: 1,400mm. Mini format. : 100 x 100mm. Max format: 1400 x 1900mm.

  • 1 cutter

- 1 winding workshop

  • 5 winders (rolls and reels): 22 to 300 g / m 2. Maximum width: 1,600 mm. Maximum outside diameter: 1,000 mm

  • 1 winder (pancakes): 22 to 300g / m 2. Min width: 9 mm. Maximum outside diameter: 600 mm

-1 packaging and packing space

(packages, wrapping, under film).


In order to guarantee you an optimum level of service, we offer tailor-made packaging and packing in packages, wrapping or wrapping.


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