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Recycled Kraft Paper

Recycled paper is made from recovered used paper (at least 50% recovered cellulosic fibers). Composed of short fibers, its technical characteristics can be improved with long fibers. Several qualities of recycled paper exist: interkraft, similikraft, test liner III III, macule, schrenz, .... Recommended for applications: stuffing, packaging, protection, ...

The most produced:

  • Ecological: low incorporation of virgin material, low energy and water consumption vs manufacturing from wood.

  • Biodegradable and compostable,

  • Economic,

  • Resistant,

  • Many possible technical applications.

Technical characteristics and applications:

Available in rolls, bobbins, formats or pancakes.

22g to 350g.


Kraft liner, interkraft or similikraft or brown kraft, test liner I, II, III, macule (see below).

Masking, packaging, stuffing, writing paper, placemat, American crates, fruit and vegetable crates, etc.

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