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Natural Kraft Paper - PurePâte

Natural pure pulp kraft paper is composed of long virgin and unbleached fibers. High resistance even in light weights to promote eco-design of packaging (reduction of weight at source, reusable packaging…). Natural ecru color. Biodegradable and compostable, it represents one of the best packaging papers. This biomaterial is distinguished by its resistance and regularity and can be used in various technical applications.

The most produced:

  • Biodegradable,

  • Compostable,

  • High resistance,

  • Regularity,

  • Natural ecru shade,

  • Many possible technical applications,

  • Suitable for food contact.

Technical characteristics and applications:

Available in rolls, bobbins, formats or pancakes.

22g to 260g.

Electronics, surface protection and masking, packaging, food.

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