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Professionals in automobile body shop, aeronautics, building and industry ..., use the natural kraft paper Carol® and Carol + ®

to protect all your surfaces from primers, lacquers, varnishes, solvent or water-based paints.

A specialist in paper for professionals, Nationale Des Papeteries (NDP) offers you a range of natural Carol® and Carol + ® kraft paper to protect your surfaces against the penetration of the most aggressive paints and varnishes, water-soluble paint, bases and aqueous lacquers…

Composed of 100% long and virgin fibers, the natural kraft paper Carol® and Carol + ® comply with European regulations in force and specifications of car manufacturers.

OurCarol® brand has been present on the French and European market for 34 years. Our CAROL plus® masking paper is the only pure pulp long fibre solvent resistant paper. This paper is used by the body shop in order to mask the surfaces which are needed to be protected. This product is also referenced by the aeronautical field. It has excellent results on the BENDTSEN permeance test. Please, contact us: + 33 (0) 472 056 777. 

• biodegradable and recyclable,
• economical: a single thickness is enough to protect your surfaces,
• barrier against the piercing of paints and varnishes, aqueous lacquers and silicones,
• impervious to thinners, anti-drip and resistant to polyurethane-based paints,

Fields of application: automotive, aeronautics, building, industry ...

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